Kathy Sloper, NP

Kathy Sloper, NP

Meet Kathy Sloper

Kathy brings many years of nursing experience to Middlesex Surgical Associates, first as an operating room nurse, then as a vascular specialty nurse, and vascular technologist and for the past thirteen years as a board certified adult nurse practitioner at Middlesex Surgical Associates. After receiving her degree in Advanced Practice Nursing at Simmons College in 1999, she has practiced at Middlesex Surgical Associates. She also is a registered vascular technologist (RVT), adding another level of expertise to her vascular practice.

Her interests include post-operative care, evaluation of peripheral vascular disease, and venous disease/ venous disorders, in addition to complex wound care. For initial evaluations of peripheral vascular disease and venous disease, Kathy will perform a complete history and physical, assessment and initial plan and work up/ testing in preparation for subsequent evaluation by the vascular surgeon.

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