Learn about Bariatric Surgery Revisions

Many people who have bariatric surgery lose weight and keep that weight off. But there are some patients who do not have the level of success they hoped for. Sometimes, a patient will not lose sufficient weight with their first surgery. Other times, a patient does lose weight initially, but then regains the weight later. In both of these cases, revisional bariatric surgery may be an option. Just like with many diseases, one surgery may not be enough to treat obesity. If you have not

There are several forms of revisional bariatric surgery. It is best to meet with a surgeon and discuss your medical history, previous weight loss surgery, and hear about your options. In some cases, you may be able to have a gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or gastric band as your revision. In other cases you may be able to have a different procedure like an endoscopic pouch reduction.
Revisional surgeries can give patients back the feeling of fullness that they have lost since their initial bariatric surgery. Sometimes, the initial procedure may not have been the best fit for the patient, or their stomach pouch may have stretched out. At Middlesex Surgical Associates, we work with patients who have had any type of bariatric surgery, and are interested in a revision because of lack of weight loss, or weight regain.
Any revisional bariatric surgery is somewhat more complex than the initial bariatric surgery. Since the anatomy is affected by the first surgery, it takes an expert surgeon to perform successful revisions. Because of the additional complexities of these bariatric revisions, it is important to expect a somewhat longer recovery time as well. Depending on your initial surgery, and the new procedure we are performing, your hospital stay can be approximately 1 – 4 days.
After revisional surgery, you’ll be on an eating plan similar to the plan you were on when you first had bariatric surgery. For weeks after your procedure¬†you will be on a liquid diet while your stomach heals. You’ll then start introducing soft, pureed foods with the guidance of our team. As your body recovers and you adjust to eating again, we’ll work with you to start eating solid foods again. You’ll want to focus on small portions, and¬†making sure to get all the protein and other nutrients you need. We will help you every step of the way, so you know what to eat to best succeed with your weight loss tool.

Am I a Candidate?

  • Revisions are performed on patients who did not find the desired level of success with a first bariatric surgery.
  • Because each case is different, it is best to speak with us to see if you’re a candidate for revisional surgery.
  • Health conditions, or side effects from your previous surgery, will help us recommend the best plan for you.
  • Every person is different, so if you’re interested in learning more about whether the sleeve or another procedure may be a good option for you, please contact us. We are happy to speak with you.
“I was impressed with how thoroughly my procedure was explained by Dr. Takla. I was nervous before surgery, but confident in my doctor. They took really good care of me at the office and at the hospital. Since then my progress has been very good and everything is progressing as expected.”

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