Robotic Surgery

Understanding Robotic Surgery

Robot surgery is a recent innovation, and at Middlesex Surgical Associates we are proud to be leaders in bring our patients the latest technology. Robot surgery means we use advanced robotic, computer and optical technologies to assist with your operation. The surgeon is in full control of all the motions of the system, but can do more by using a robot to help with the procedure.

The system we use is called the da Vinci Surgical System. It has a 3D vision system, special instruments and software that allows our surgeon to operate with precision, dexterity and control. The 3D-HD image is highly magnified, so your surgeon has a close-up view of the area he or she is operating on. You can learn more about the da Vinci robot at

da Vinci Surgery is a less invasive technique than traditional surgical techniques. When our surgeons do robotic surgery, the incisions made in your body are much smaller than the cut made during open surgery. da Vinici robotic surgery is considered minimally invasive surgery.

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